OUTDOOR Advertising
High mobility trends in modern society; passing more time out in the open, on the streets and in traffic, has resulted in OUTDOOR ADVERTISING becoming one of the most efficient means of promotion.
  • Extremely high chance that a customer will notice the product
  • The message is continuous through whole campaign period
  • Points/indicates towards the very heart of the message
  • Comparing it to other media it is a very simple way of carrying the message through

Following trends, Mandis have established the network with the largest number of wallscape advertising areas on over than 40 attractive locations throughout Croatia (Zagreb, Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Karlovac, Sisak, Velika Gorica, Požega, etc.). We have also established the network of spectacular Bigboard advertising areas in Zagreb and wider.
Attractiveness of outdoor format location (Wallscapes and Bigboards) is measured by high frequency of vehicle, public and pedestrian traffic as well as by the price of the location.

Additional value of our products is seen in continuous development and improvement through innovation and combining with other media.
Attractive media, possibility of adjustment to our client's wishes and innovativeness make OUTDOOR ADVERTISING WITH MANDIS AND MEDIJSKI PROSTOR a good decision.

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Mandis is advertising agencie specialized in indoor and outdoor advertising. Our primary business activity is sale and installation of advertising areas in the domain of indoor and outdoor advertising.
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